Welcome to My Portal

Hi, Welcome to my Portal.

I am Cfayla Johnson; author, actress, model, wellness consultant, artist, energy transformer and interested in the best life has to offer in the Positive Flow of Life Energy and Enlightened Living.


  I believe in pursuing and sharing the best life has to offer.  I love a fun, productive life full of love, magic, joy, and magical experiences.  I believe in pursuing your goals and dreams.  Every day is a new day full of possibilities.  I blog weekly about positive energy, great food, magical experiences, and share tips on how to live your best life. 

I have just published my third book on Ultra longevity, high vitality, and positive energy including a comprehensive, easy to follow food, fitness, and frequency plan to maximize your life force energy and vitality. In addition, I have published 2 books on healthy living including original, easy recipes, and energetic exercises designed to teach you how to tap into your chi, transforming your life and creating the reality you desire. In addition, I write a weekly lifestyle blog sharing tips on positive energy, food, and magical experiences including acting, modeling, sailing, wellness, fashion, travel, and so much more

I am upbeat and cheerful.  I believe the best in everyone and love to have fun.  I follow my own healthy eating plan designed to provide me with high energy, vitality, and ultra longevity.  I meditate an hour a day, jog barefoot on the beach.  I am a lover of hot yoga, pilates, stand up paddleboarding, and sailing.  I also hit the gym for strength training.  This gives me the frame work to pursue the other aspects of my career. I

I am an actress and model and am so excited to share my films and modeling photos with you.  I am also an artist specializing in energetic art, I hope you take a peak at my work.

I love sailing, being on the ocean in a yacht is enchanting.  Whether it is a catamaran or traditional sailing yacht, I hope you will check my nautical therapy, wellness talks, and meditative experiences I offer.

Finally, I am excited to share the best other people I connect with and how they can enhance your life.  Whether it is yoga clothing, music, jewelry, yachting charters, wellness talks, come join me in the portal.