Welcome to my Author Cloud!

I am excited to share my books with you.  I write about ultravitality, ultralongevity, love, happiness, and the pursuit of your best life through tapping into the positive flow of energy in the universe available to all of us.

I invite you to check out my latest book, Sex and Chocolate, a comprehensive wellness program incorporating food, fitness, and frequency(vibration).  From what to eat, meditation, fitness, spirituality, and magical life experiences, Ive got it covered.  I wrote the book and developed the program to help my partner lose weight and lose the stress in his life that was preventing him from tapping into his happiest and authentic self.  He has lost 25 pounds in 3 months, is much happier within himself, and has a blueprint for wellness that will serve him well for the rest of his high vitality, and long, happy life.

Are you ill?  I developed a wellness program to help extraordinaryily ill people to tap into the food, healing, and energetic transformation needed to “flip” their energy quickly into one of recovery, wellness, and ease.

Are you a raw food, vegan, or vegetarian?  Check out Beach Foodie for quick, easy, healthy recipes, many of which are raw, vegan, or vegetarian.  Comes with a quick and easy shopping guide too!

Interested in “Sacred Sexuality,” enhancing your sexual energy, pleasure, and experience?  Check out Sacred Sexuality and Immortality in the Age of Enlightenment for tips and exercises taking you to your sexual bliss.

Finally, I invite you to explore my blog Beach Foodie, a lifestyle blog highlighting the positive flow of energy in life.  I have helpful hints on food, eating out, ways to stay fit, and magical experiences and hints on how to maintain and enhance your flow of energy every week.