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my newest book featuring a practical easy comprehensive wellness plan for ultra vitality, ultra longevity, self love and joy.  It’s a guide to an ultra vitality lifestyle,  hedonistic healthy life plan exploring food, fitness, and frequency(vibration).

The book is based upon a wellness plan I developed for my partner to lose weight, lose stress, and bring him to a greater sense of self love. In 10 weeks he lost 25 pounds on the Sex and Chocolate program, became much calmer and centered, and felt a much greater sense of happiness. He learned the simple practical life plan I developed and became empowered to sustain a much healthier life full of vitality and joy.

The goal of Sex and Chocolate is to live at a higher frequency, tapping into the universal love vibration, allowing you to achieve your souls purpose and desire

Sex and Chocolate contains an easy comprehensive food plan based upon healthy, ultra-light, easily digestible foods, giving you the energy and stamina you need for amazing vitality. Whether you are a raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian, or eat animal protein, the principles of Sex and Bacon can benefit your life greatly.

Sex and Chocolate explores fitness as a part of an overall wellness lifestyle in a way that supports and sustains your health to provide maximum longevity

Finally, Sex and Chocolate explores how to achieve and maintain a consistent high frequency or vibration based upon love and joy.  Through practical spiritual exercises, meditation, and sacred sexuality techniques, Sex and Chocolate will reduce your stress, greatly improve your sex life, and bring you the happiness and peace you desire for many years to come.  Its about empowering you with the tools for a higher vibration.

   Paperback – $17.95

ISBN 978-1-941859-59-9  Color 156 pages

Hardcover Coffee Table Version- $29.95

ISBN 978-1-941859-64-3  Color 156 pages

Sex and Chocolate is your blueprint for the life you have always wanted.

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Become empowered to live a life of ultra vitality and ultra longevity Order Sex and Chocolate now..