About Us


My Approach

My vision is to provide a blueprint for your rebirth to ULTRA wellness.  I am providing a wellness philosophy and program designed to transform your energy through a practical philosophy and a detailed plan to bring forth the ultra vitality and wellness within you.

My Story

My own transformative process began about 5 years ago when my friends began asking me to write about my wellness plan and my Secret Sause for the vitality, energy, and joy I lived every day.  They wanted that energy for themselves.  This began a proess of writing, consulting, and sharing my knowledge with my clients.  In the summer of 2016, a business partner ask me to help him transform his life to find greater joy, self love, and to lose weight.  The results were so successful, I began writing Sex and Chocolate to bring forth the transformation energy to help many people.

Cfayla Johnson is the founder of Cfaylas portal.  Her vision is to provide the best of an ultrawellness and ultravitality transformative energy to her space.  By sharing her knowledge about food, fitness, and mood, Cfayla will give you the tools to not only survive and thrive but to Achieve Incredible Success, Joy, and Self Love.  By partnering with leading edge businesses in wellness, fashion, entertainment, nautical therapies, she expands the positive transformation.

Cfayla Johnson is a leading edge wellness consultant, author, actress, and model living in the Los Angeles area.  She loves stand up paddleboarding, fashion, and her passion is bringing forth a rebirth to ultrawellness for her clients.

Next Steps…

To get started, check out the portal and visit *Sex and Chocolate* shopping to view the products and services I offer.