Welcome to my Actress and Film page!


Cfalya Johnson Demo Reel – HD1080p from Cfayla Johnson on Vimeo.

I began my journey as an actress when I was discovered in Miami while doing publicity for my first book Beach Foodie. I soon became a part of an advanced acting school and began appearing in film and television as a featured extra and at the same time began modeling.
Within 6 months of my discovery, I had been told by 3 different people that I should move to LA because they thought I would be very successful there. So in 2013, I drove to LA in my Honda Fit, with my paddleboard and clothes. I didn’t know a soul in LA and had no place to live. Yet, I had the desire to become an actress, model, and author which I believe to be my soul’s purpose.

It’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve been in music videos, film, web series, and commercials. I hope you enjoy my demo reel, short films, and music video sub-clouds.
I invite you to check out this cloud frequently. I will have short training videos on my wellness plan, recipes, tips, and more in a “lifestyle” format. Also, I will have documentary short films and clips from clients who have benefited from my wellness program; practical advise and commentary on what works and where they struggled on their journey to “ultra-vitality” and longevity.
See you soon!