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I became an energetic artist through inspiration. One day as I was running and meditating on Santa Monica Beach around Thanksgiving time I began to contemplate how I could share my gift of energetic transformation with other people. My sister had written me a letter saying thank you for some dresses I had sent her. She said she could feel my energy on the clothes and it was very comforting and gave her energy and hope.

Realizing that objects hold and retain energy, I was then inspired to infuse the love energy flowing through me into the stones I collected on Santa Monica beach.
The stones are collected after I finish my meditation and pure spiritual energy is flowing through me. I only select wet stones to combine the energy of the ocean and waves with the spiritual energy flowing through me. Each stone is then hand painted with *luv* and the colors of the energetic system in our body. Check out my *wishing stones* page for more information.