The energy of “new”

Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a new product designed to help support your immune system; EZC PAC. Its always fun to try new products designed to keep you healthy. Its fast and convenient, no added sugar or preservatives. A great combination of Echinacea, ZInc, and Vitamin C.
This has been a week of new beginings and flowing with the energy of fall. Exciting new opportunities are in the air and just waiting to bring positive happenings into your life. Its also a time of hope with so many inspiring stories of people helping each other in times of hardship.
So this week I invite you to embrace the exciting new beginnings and energy of fall.
Great joy to you!

The magic of the *runway*

Magical Monday to you!
In my photo this week, I share the evening gown I modeled for my first runway fashion show experience. It was a fun project for the new moon cycle and solar eclipse energy. The show had several models, both male and female which was quite fun. The theme was evening wear and the routine was alot of fun.
This is a great time to try explore some new activities with the new energy from the solar eclipse. I found it to be very energizing to meet and work with new people and model a great dress.
In the last week of August with the warm weather, its a great time to enjoy the last part of the summer as we move into labor day. I broke a fin on my paddleboard. The fin couldnt be replaced but a larger fin was added so my board will probably be more stable than before. Im excited to give it a try.
So this week, I invite you to enjoy and embrace the final week of summer and embrace new activities which bring you new people, new experiences, and fun energy into your life.
Great joy to you!
Bliss always, Cfayla

The energy of the “solar eclipse”

Magical Monday! Happy solar eclipse! We are in the mist of Mercury retrograde and all my devices are having issues so you get to see me sideways in one of the photos😊 in my photos this week, I share the solar eclipse from Griffin Park in LA. I purchased the special viewing glasses and took a photo of the eclipse. I was there around 10:30 am. The sun looked an amazing orange and the moon was incredibly dark. It was an amazing energy just watching the eclipse. We are in a new moon zone also so time to put your dreams out there to become your new reality.
I’m just back from Kona Hawaii early this morning from yoga teacher training and am now a yoga instructor also. It was challenging, fun, and vastly healing and empowering on every level. You can check out photos and footage from the drone on my instagram or facebook.
So, this day i invite you to express your dreams, write them down, and create your best reality yet.
Great joy to you!
Bliss always,

The energy of the “eclipse”

Magical Monday yo you! In my photo this week, I share practicing a handstand in yoga teacher training in Kona Hawaii. This is a week of great tranformation possibilities in your life between the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse on August 21st.
Its a great time to contemplate new beginnings or majot changes in your life starting with the solar eclipse.
Its gorgeous here in Kona on the oceanfront and a great place for immersion yoga teacher training.
So, this week, i invite you to contemplate the changes you would like to see in your life.
Great joy to you!
Bliss, Cfayla

The energy of *lemonade*

Magical Monday to you! This week is the beginning of a couple of weeks of transition including the lunar eclipse and full moon
In my photos this week, I share an example of making *lemondade*. I simply could not get this photo to turn around correctly so instead of trying to force a *lemon* situation, I decided to show you both sides of the *lemon* pictures and make lemonade out of the situation.
Sometimes in life that is the best we can do. Challenging situations can sometimes seem overwelming but we can take that negativity and challenge and simply transform it into a refreshing drink of *lemonade*; taking our best steps forward to create something new out and refreshing out of a *lemon* situation.
Its also a good time to do some contemplation with the lunar eclipse and full moon, followed soon by mercury retrograde. This will prepare you for big changes that will come with the solar eclipse later this month.
I am traveling to the big island of Hawaii this week for an intensive spiritual retreat and yoga instructor training course. I feel immensely excited to be visiting the big island during such an important energetic shift.
So this week, I invite you to take all your lemons and make some lemondade, even contemplating what that lemondade will taste like and how refreshing it will be.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

the energy of *oils*

Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week I share two of my favorite *oils*; Frankincense and Oregano.
Frankincense is great for relieving long term stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, and boosting immunity. I use it before and after my hot yoga practice to help my flexibility and to enhance the benefits of peace and calm from the yoga practice.
Oregano is well known as a natural alternative to antibiotics. I have always loved the smell of oregano and it also reduces inflammation and boost immunity. I like to use it for minor skin irritation also. It was used in ancient Greece to heal wounds.
So this week I invite you to try frankincense or oregano to enhance the energy of peace and calmness in your life and give a little boost to your immunity.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

The energy of *resilience*

Magical Monday to you
and Happy New Moon! In my photos this week, I share a few of the fun things that help me *bounce back* from the unexpected challenges of life. In this past week, Ive experienced a wonderful mini break in San Diego as well as a major challenge.
The mini vacation was wonderful and magical and a nice change of energy and pace. The challenge was a bolt of lightening.
So, what helps to bounce back from a major shift in life that is unexpected?
One of my favorite ways is to continue to enjoy good, healthy, nutritional food. I love this kale and avocado salad and it is one of my favorite items for dinner. In addition to good food, while I was running on the beach and after I finished my meditation; I was walking along and looked down at just the right time to see this beautiful green glass heart right before it got washed away by a wave.
Its a perfect little heart and sends a message of love and hope. Its amazing how little guideposts can come ito your life just when you need them the most.
So, I feel the energy of resilience is simply a combination of keeping up with healthy habits, energies, and food in spite of challenges. And, in addition, to be able to embrace lifes little treasures as we enjoy this magnificient journey we call life.
So this week, I invite you to enjoy the new moon energy of creativity and new beginnings and to enjoy the energy of *bouncing back* through keeping your positive flow of energy going until it comes back around for you.
Great joy to you!
Love, love love!

The energy of *rest*

Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I share one of my favorite ways for the energy of rest and rejuvenation; being on the beach. These shots were taken after I finished my early morning paddleboarding.
There is a wonderful energy to rejuvenation and rest; allowing your body, mind, and spirit to have fun, take it a little slower, and enjoy the energy of *being*. Summer is always a wonderful time for enjoying some time just *being* easy and allowing life to bring some new magic your way.
On Sunday, I slowed it down by taking a beach *walk* instead of a run and sitting down and watching and listening to the waves.
There is something so amazing to gazing at the ocean or any beautiful part of nature and listening to the sounds.
So this week, I invite you to enjoy the energy of rest and take some time for yourself to have fun and rejuvenate.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!