Modeling and Fashion

Welcome to my Modeling and Fashion cloud!

I began my modeling in December 2012 in Miami. I was scouted for modeling while I was promoting my first book; *Beach Foodie*. The photo above was from my first shoot. I was very fortunate to have a photographer with many years experience with Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines. The shoot was scheduled for an hour and took six hours. He said I was a natural model and very good on camera.


Since that first shoot, I have discovered I have great joy in co-creating a beautiful photo. Whether it is fitness, high fashion, bikini, or artistic nude, I enjoy creating images. The bikini photo is from a shoot done in West Hollywood.
Along with modeling I am passionate about dressing for success whether it is high fashion, yoga, bikini, or casual wear. I have plans to create a line of shirts and hoodies for beach, sailing, and casual wear incorporating my *wishing stones* designs. Energy, art, and fashion will merge to create fun clothing designed to enhance the positive flow of energy in your life, reduce your stress, and bring you love and joy.

I will be updating my images so come back to see the latest images, and my fashion wear line for bringing your great *wish* and positive energy to your life.