Nautical Therapy and Yacht Chartering


Welcome to my Nautical Therapy and Yacht Chartering cloud.

Whether you are interested in a nautical therapy cruise in San Monica Bay to meditate and listen to my wellness talks on the wellness program Ive developed or are interested in a traditional yacht cruise or chartering all of these options are available. The yacht is one of my main venues for wellness consulting in a relaxing, therapeutic setting. Whether it’s a morning wellness sail or a sunset sail, I am excited to bring you the magical energy of the ocean during my group wellness consulting sessions.
I will be covering topics such as sacred sexuality and enhancing your sex life, food plans for wellness, interactive conversations with clients who have had success with my program, and specific tidbits and practical tips for food, fitness, meditation, and spirituality. I will even touch on topics such as how and what to eat when recovering from major illness, how to eat well on a limited budget. It will be fun and comprehensive.

In addition, if you are a film maker or photographer, the yacht is available for filming and photo shoots.
I invite you to call 310-430-5054 for more information.