The energy of *resilience*

Magical Monday to you
and Happy New Moon! In my photos this week, I share a few of the fun things that help me *bounce back* from the unexpected challenges of life. In this past week, Ive experienced a wonderful mini break in San Diego as well as a major challenge.
The mini vacation was wonderful and magical and a nice change of energy and pace. The challenge was a bolt of lightening.
So, what helps to bounce back from a major shift in life that is unexpected?
One of my favorite ways is to continue to enjoy good, healthy, nutritional food. I love this kale and avocado salad and it is one of my favorite items for dinner. In addition to good food, while I was running on the beach and after I finished my meditation; I was walking along and looked down at just the right time to see this beautiful green glass heart right before it got washed away by a wave.
Its a perfect little heart and sends a message of love and hope. Its amazing how little guideposts can come ito your life just when you need them the most.
So, I feel the energy of resilience is simply a combination of keeping up with healthy habits, energies, and food in spite of challenges. And, in addition, to be able to embrace lifes little treasures as we enjoy this magnificient journey we call life.
So this week, I invite you to enjoy the new moon energy of creativity and new beginnings and to enjoy the energy of *bouncing back* through keeping your positive flow of energy going until it comes back around for you.
Great joy to you!
Love, love love!

The energy of *fireworks*

Magical Monday to you and Happy 4th of July! In my photos this week I share two of my favorite summer holiday foods: chocolate covered strawberries in fourth of July colors and an egg white omlette with spinach.
I have always loved the energy of fireworks; the beauty and creativity of seeing the color combinations have always given me such positive energy and a feeling of celebration for life and for the fun of the summer. And also, the energy of happy times with family and friends; creating magical memories.
Last night there was a wonderful fireworks display at Santa Monica pier that was really fun and exciting.
So, this week I invite you to enjoy the energy of celebration this week for the fourth of July and summer time fun.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

The energy of *time out*

Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I share the energy of *new wave*; my phrase for embracing and trying something new. In the first photo, a budding saxaphonist made an impromptu performance at a concert I was attending. He was so joyful and his energy captivated the audience including the jazz guitarist who welcomed him into his concert. This was such a great example of joyfully trying something new regardless of the outcome and enjoying the experience.
In my second photo, I had the experience of a new restaurant in the midst of the June *gloom and chill* in LA. So many times we can have some of our best experiences embracing something new and different even in the midst of an energetic *gloom and chill* in our lives. The *Bottle Inn* had a great heart of palm salad and I had a wonderful table in the front just right for viewing the ocean before sunset. The entire adventure was unplanned after an ordinary shopping trip. I opted for a little adventure and decided to drive south through Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach for a change of scenery. And the beauty of the unexpected brought a delightful refreshing energy to me just by having a change in pace and taking a *time out* for a little new fun.
So this week, I invite you to experience something new and take a *time out* from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary all around us.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!