The Energy of *being in the flow*

Magical Monday to you!

In my photo this week, I am at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood for *An American in Paris*; a wonderful musical about post war Paris. The dancing was wonderful and it was truly a magical evening. I was also fortunate to eat a wonderful *tapas* meal at Cleo restaurant right around the corner.
Everything seemed to flow together at the last minute to make this magical evening come together. I was able to get great seats on the day of the event and able to have dinner without reservations. It was one of those times when the event seemed to come together effortlessly.
And this brings me to the energy of adventure and allowing your desires to come into existence by going with a positive flow of energy. I began having the desire to create that special experience earlier in the week and remained positive even though the tickets didnt materialize until the last minute. In fact, the tickets werent together but they were close enough that someone was willing to exchange one of our seats so we could sit together. The restaurant experience also happened at the last minute and the timing was just right. There were no seats within 10 minutes after we arrived.
So this week, I invite you to dream some fun into your life and allow a positive flow of energy to come to you and bring you a fun adventure.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

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