The energy of *lemonade*

Magical Monday to you! This week is the beginning of a couple of weeks of transition including the lunar eclipse and full moon
In my photos this week, I share an example of making *lemondade*. I simply could not get this photo to turn around correctly so instead of trying to force a *lemon* situation, I decided to show you both sides of the *lemon* pictures and make lemonade out of the situation.
Sometimes in life that is the best we can do. Challenging situations can sometimes seem overwelming but we can take that negativity and challenge and simply transform it into a refreshing drink of *lemonade*; taking our best steps forward to create something new out and refreshing out of a *lemon* situation.
Its also a good time to do some contemplation with the lunar eclipse and full moon, followed soon by mercury retrograde. This will prepare you for big changes that will come with the solar eclipse later this month.
I am traveling to the big island of Hawaii this week for an intensive spiritual retreat and yoga instructor training course. I feel immensely excited to be visiting the big island during such an important energetic shift.
So this week, I invite you to take all your lemons and make some lemondade, even contemplating what that lemondade will taste like and how refreshing it will be.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

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