The energy of *rebirth*

Magical Monday to you!
In my photo this week, I share the beauty of a hybrid flower bouquet; I received two bouquets on the same day so I combined them into a massive *love* display. I am passing it on to you! It is important to love ourselves first and to feel appreciation for all the beauty and love around us and flowing to us. Even in the midst of the challenges of Mercury retrograde there seems to be alot of love and compassion flowing. We are at a peak time when rebirth is entirely possible and the energy supports this now. It is a time of hope and renewal if we pause to tap into this energy. I am taking some extra time during this period for transformation and transition by allowing space to meditate, rest, be in nature and contemplate my life goals, dreams, and joy.
Life can throw some unexpected curves at us and I got a big one this last week that was a big surprise and not a happy one. Yet truth and awareness is important and I am grateful for this energy to be a part of my life. The retrograde supports taking the time to review and access experiences and how to move through them gracefully and keep positive energy flowing.
So this week, I invite you to pause and feel love for yourself and give yourself a little time to contemplate your life; your joys and your struggles as well.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

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