The energy of *sound*

Magical Monday to you!
In my photo this week, I share the two gongs used in the gong meditation *sound* bath, I attended on Sunday.
Today, I am in the 9th day of a healing and rebirth fast and I decided to do the gong meditation as part of my fast.
The energy and sound vibration from the gong clears away negative energy and emotion. During the first part of the gong meditation it felt very intense. In the last 15 minutes I felt much lighter, more relaxed, and at peace. The entire meditation was 50 minutes and I felt like I could have gone longer.
My fast has been going well and I define that by saying Im still doing it as opposed to quitting because its too hard.
It has been very intense; Ive felt alot of emotions come up and have taken the extra time to release them. I have felt exhausted almost every day with surges of energy.
Overall, I feel I have much more clarity which was one of my main goals in doing the fast. Ive still been working out; running, hot yoga, and meditating. Thats been a challenge.
My original goal was 10 days. Now that I approach the completion of the 10 days, Im going to extend for 14 days and see what additional insights come to me.
So this week, I invite you to explore the joy of sound whether its just to relax or meditate.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!

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