The energy of the “solar eclipse”

Magical Monday! Happy solar eclipse! We are in the mist of Mercury retrograde and all my devices are having issues so you get to see me sideways in one of the photos😊 in my photos this week, I share the solar eclipse from Griffin Park in LA. I purchased the special viewing glasses and took a photo of the eclipse. I was there around 10:30 am. The sun looked an amazing orange and the moon was incredibly dark. It was an amazing energy just watching the eclipse. We are in a new moon zone also so time to put your dreams out there to become your new reality.
I’m just back from Kona Hawaii early this morning from yoga teacher training and am now a yoga instructor also. It was challenging, fun, and vastly healing and empowering on every level. You can check out photos and footage from the drone on my instagram or facebook.
So, this day i invite you to express your dreams, write them down, and create your best reality yet.
Great joy to you!
Bliss always,

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