The magic of the *runway*

Magical Monday to you!
In my photo this week, I share the evening gown I modeled for my first runway fashion show experience. It was a fun project for the new moon cycle and solar eclipse energy. The show had several models, both male and female which was quite fun. The theme was evening wear and the routine was alot of fun.
This is a great time to try explore some new activities with the new energy from the solar eclipse. I found it to be very energizing to meet and work with new people and model a great dress.
In the last week of August with the warm weather, its a great time to enjoy the last part of the summer as we move into labor day. I broke a fin on my paddleboard. The fin couldnt be replaced but a larger fin was added so my board will probably be more stable than before. Im excited to give it a try.
So this week, I invite you to enjoy and embrace the final week of summer and embrace new activities which bring you new people, new experiences, and fun energy into your life.
Great joy to you!
Bliss always, Cfayla

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